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A bite at Automotive Photography

20 Mar

On my way home from grocery shopping today, I found a Mercedes parked outside a repair shop. Since I haven’t had a chance to use my newly obtained flash on cars, I made a mental note to come back at night and give it a go.

I took about 50 pics, and they all turned out….bad. Looked really cheap…

I found 2 pics that I thought looked decent and edited them in Lightroom. Here they are.


Moving Rubber

13 Mar

Another try at Sun-curtain-flash combination. This time, I’ve also taken some pics of the setup.

Check out what I’m using as a curtain! COME ON JAPAN!!!



When Light Dances

13 Mar

When I got home from work on Friday at 4 pm (yeah that’s right. 4 pm. Welcome to Germany), there was a slip in my mailbox saying there was a delivery waiting for me at the post office. No idea why they couldn’t deliver it to me…

Since I don’t have a bike yet, I strapped on my freeskate and skated there.

The package turned out to be the flash I ordered around 3 weeks ago.

It is manufactured by a Chinese company with a great reputation called Yongnuo, and I got the model YN465.

It is the most basic model among the lineup that allows E-TTL (only when mounted on the hot shoe of the camera). I will post detailed pics of the product and the accessories that came with it later.

I went out at 9 pm on Saturday night, dying to try the flash. I took with me my tripod, flash and also the Cactus V5 for wireless flash.

I had found this interesting glass architecture a few days back which I wanted to shoot with flash, but seems like I overestimated the power of the flash…It didn’t light up the building enough (or my settings were wrong. I dunno…), so I ended up taking the building with long exposures.

While walking to that building, I came across a construction area with some heavy machinery parked here and there. I thought the red and yellow color would look nice against the black background. Being it the first night out with my flash in a pitch black and cold night, it was hard to adjust the settings of the flash and camera.

Nevertheless, I think the pics turned out quite nice for the first time.

Really really really cold day at the Beach

17 Feb

Went on a two day trip with my girlfriend to the North side of Kyoto. We were worried about our trip since a snow storm hit Japan. But, luckily the unpredictable weather, turned out well. We took a JR train from Kyoto station up up up towards Tango, and Amanohashidate (although we did not get off there). We didn’t have that much money to spare so it took us until the last minute to decide to take the Express train (thank god we did). The beach was about a 30 second walk from the place we were staying. The hotel or Ryokan, smelled really funky. The smell was actually crabs and some other sea foods. I remember walking on the sand and trying to not get in the way of the wind..(my way of shifting the sense of coldness to something else, the wind wants to pass by so just let it be and let it go by, I feel cold because I think its cold, just dont bother the wind…*kept repeating). Obviously it didn’t work and it was really really really…. cold…. freezing… cold…. Had a flash back of Hawaii for an instance visualizing Waikiki beach… You can say that it was the complete opposite, well the noise of the waves crashing and the smell of the salt was not really bad but the garbage on the beach was horrible, I would not walk on the sad barefooted. Anyway I had two of my lenses with me the Sigma and my 50mm Prime Canon, so I played around with it.Most of the time I was using the 50mm f1.8.

A normal white, average, lonely, smooth stone.

I tried to capture the sun shining between the clouds, you had to be there to see the show live.

There was a guy surfing, in Feb!

Or he was heading for the light to …I dunno

A different White Balance