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22 Mar

I finally ordered some hand-stitching tools for leather, and received them today.

Took me 30 mins to stitch my iPod and fountain pen sleeves.

Looking good, don’t you think?


Solve the “tangled cable” problem….

21 Mar


Fountain pen sleeve

28 Feb

If you’ve been reading my post, you may already know that I’ve recently started using a Parker fountain pen at work.

I really love the pen, but I didn’t like the way it rolled around in my Field Theories Portfolio cuz it might get scratched, or the cap might come off.

That’s why I made a sleeve for it. The pen sits very snug in the sleeve, and I’m loving it.

iPod nano sleeve

28 Feb

As much as I liked the iPod nano case I made, I didn’t really like all the rivets I had to use.

Although I really like the look of sewn leather, I don’t really feel like buying the tools for sewing…YET.

I was looking for a simple way to put two pieces of leather together, and have a really simple looking result. Then it came to me….


I went to a home depot last Saturday and bought a strong leather glue.

I then made a new sleeve for my iPod nano.

[DIY Leathercraft] Project “iPod nano case”

15 Feb

Check out what I made with the new leather I bought.

New Leather

14 Feb

Got new leather today from a local store that handles leather goods. It’s a very chic store called Maennerladen.

The leather is a soft cow leather which feels more “alive” than the plastic-ish leather I bought last time.

[DIY Leathercraft] Project “Hard Graft Key Fold”

8 Feb

By now, many of you should know that I have started taking interesting in making my own things with leather.

In need of a key case, I found a very sick brand Hard Graft.

There, I found a very nice and simple key case, and decided to make it.

Click here and then on the pic to see what it should look like.


After making my Field Theories Portfolio at the company’s workshop, I continued on to make it. Here is the result.

[DIY Leathercraft] Project “Field Theories Portfolio”

8 Feb

Today after work, I brought the leather I had cut the night before to my company’s workshop and banged away to set the rivets and eyelets.

The end result? My “original” Field Theories Portfolio.