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Colette Carnaval

15 Mar

Colette Carnaval was absolutely the hottest place for fashion goers, children, teens, students, and adults to attend on the 10th and 11th of March 2012.

The event gathered a crowd of people with the newest and slickest brands of clothing. This event was held to celebrate Colette Shop’s 15th birthday! (www.colette.fr)

So what was going on inside the “Party tent?”

Well, Colette is a select shop and the brands that have their goods sold at the store, held a booth inside the Carnaval, organizing their own way to celebrate the 15th  birthday. The booths varied from arts and craft, bowling, video game contests, basketball shooting, photo shoots and etc. I was surprised to meet Mark the cobrasnake  (who gave me a pose with his special Colette sunglasses) and was lucky to spot Pedro Winter of Ed banger (faaaar away).

Here are pictures from the event.

Overall, Happy Birthday Colette and for people who are planning to go to Paris, stop by Colette! You will not Regret!

Au revoir!


Flea market in Osaka a few years back.

8 Apr

I found some pictures of the flea market. This guy here is my friend who gave me the Levi’s denim. He found the shirt he is wearing in this picture in a river at Yosemite National Park. We assume that the original color of the shirt was brown.

The flea market was held at the Osaka Expo.

My job was to sell clothes and shoes that my mother wanted to get rid of. The colorful shoe below belonged to my mother.

Here is the girl that bought them!

She has a lot of stuff on her, but everything is well coordinated. She has the hiking look that is popular in Japan.

Flea markets are a great place to take street snaps of people and their fashion.