Bose IE2

23 Feb

So, I had the Bose IE1 lying around all my other electronic junks that were waiting to be thrown out. It had been in the pile for roughly 3-4years. Now I use the Beats by Dre Studio headphone. However, they are a hassle to carry around.

Wanting a new earphone, I had been searching the internet for a replacement of my old Bose IE. When looking through the Bose page I came across the warranty page (Bose Japan.) I discovered my earphones could not be covered by the 1 year warranty, but it could be sent for repairing. Well, since I had nothing to lose I filled out a form attached on the page as a pdf, and sent it to Bose Japan. The condition of my BoseIE: music only plays from the right ear piece.

Today(a week later) I received a package in exchange with payment of 6300yen (about $78.)


So my Bose IE1 became IE2 for paying 6300yen which is half of the price on amazon.

If you have useless Bose products lying around look through the warranty and see if you can have it replaced.


Bose Japan Warranty

Amazon Japan Bose


[DIY Leathercraft] Project “iPod nano case”

15 Feb

Check out what I made with the new leather I bought.

Diesel x Babbi

15 Feb

For V-day, I received a “Diesel x Babbi” gift from Sari.

The package is important as well as what is inside. Diesel always obeys that rule.

This item was a collaboration item between Diesel and Babbi. Has anyone heard of Babbi?

I found out that Babbi is a company found in Italy that is famous for Wafers. They have collaborative goods with Mercedes-Benz as well as Be@rbricks ( and many others.)  Babbi! Babbi! Babbi!

Maybe you have already tried the Wafers! I will have my bite tomorrow!

Good nights!


Heres a link to the site:

New Leather

14 Feb

Got new leather today from a local store that handles leather goods. It’s a very chic store called Maennerladen.

The leather is a soft cow leather which feels more “alive” than the plastic-ish leather I bought last time.

Coffee Meister

14 Feb

I never used to drink coffee….until I started working.

Now, I really love coffee. To enjoy my “weekend coffee” more, I recently bought a coffee grinder from Zassenhaus and a moka pot Brikka from Bialetti. The Brikka has a new valve thingy that produces foam to make coffee more like an espresso.

Also got a 100% Arabica blend from my favorite coffee shop in Landshut, ARAN.

Can’t wait for the weekend!

[DIY Leathercraft] Project “Hard Graft Key Fold”

8 Feb

By now, many of you should know that I have started taking interesting in making my own things with leather.

In need of a key case, I found a very sick brand Hard Graft.

There, I found a very nice and simple key case, and decided to make it.

Click here and then on the pic to see what it should look like.


After making my Field Theories Portfolio at the company’s workshop, I continued on to make it. Here is the result.

[DIY Leathercraft] Project “Field Theories Portfolio”

8 Feb

Today after work, I brought the leather I had cut the night before to my company’s workshop and banged away to set the rivets and eyelets.

The end result? My “original” Field Theories Portfolio.


Photography job

8 Feb

Today, my boss offered me a small job as a photographer for his daughter’s communion party.

It sounds super cool, and it could be a start of something interesting!

Time to get a new lens, perhaps?


7 Feb

My brother was here over the weekend, and I let him try my fixie.

I also showed him skidding, and he took a vid of it, so here it is.

Nothing fancy. I just wanted to show my friends that I can fucking skid (for a short distance)…

Password: skid

[DIY Leathercraft] Project “Field Theories Portfolio”

7 Feb

Few weeks ago, I was surfing the web when I came across a very “chic” leather product by Field Theories.

They make this amazing “portfolio”, ideal for carrying small notebooks and pen around.

I really wanted one, but paying over 100 euros and have it shipped from the States kinda seemed like too much of a hassle.

Then it came to me: I’ll make it myself.

This is what it should look like.


Last weekend, I went to a leather store in Munich and bought everything I needed (rivets, eyelets, leather, tools, etc).


Today, I finally had the time to try setting the rivets and eyelets. I think it went super well. See for yourself 😀


Tomorrow, I’ll head down to my company’s workshop and bang on more rivets, this time for real.