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Cool Cats X Starter 2012

7 May

Here is the Cool Cats x Starter 2012 Cap!

I couldn’t find the side and the back pictures of the cap on the web, so here it is for the people who are wondering about how it looks. Black and Red very simple.

Get yours here:


Reference of past Cool Cats x Starter Caps:




Colette Carnaval

15 Mar

Colette Carnaval was absolutely the hottest place for fashion goers, children, teens, students, and adults to attend on the 10th and 11th of March 2012.

The event gathered a crowd of people with the newest and slickest brands of clothing. This event was held to celebrate Colette Shop’s 15th birthday! (

So what was going on inside the “Party tent?”

Well, Colette is a select shop and the brands that have their goods sold at the store, held a booth inside the Carnaval, organizing their own way to celebrate the 15th  birthday. The booths varied from arts and craft, bowling, video game contests, basketball shooting, photo shoots and etc. I was surprised to meet Mark the cobrasnake  (who gave me a pose with his special Colette sunglasses) and was lucky to spot Pedro Winter of Ed banger (faaaar away).

Here are pictures from the event.

Overall, Happy Birthday Colette and for people who are planning to go to Paris, stop by Colette! You will not Regret!

Au revoir!

New Lens Sigma 30mm f1.4

4 Feb

Yesterday I bought my third lens: the Sigma 30mm f1.4.

I was first surprised at the weight of the lens which weighs about 400g. Adding that to the 820g 7D adds up to about 1.2kg. The weight does help out stabilize the camera during shoots, but after a while it does get tiresome.

The lens came with a bag and a hood.

Now on to the lens itself. I had difficulties with the lens to focus correctly. There are blogs written about the Sigma 30mm to have Micro Adjustments. When I had the lens on my 7D, I also felt that the focus was off. I tested the lens by shooting objects with the center focus point in f1.4. However the focus was slightly off to the side.I really didn’t think that this was a problem until one of my friends used the lens on his rebel and told me that he couldn’t get the focus going (I didn’t tell him about the problem). I then thought whether I should take the lens back to the shop to have it checked.

but… after using it for a day, the problem was gone…

Strange…Now I can shoot crisp images.

Overall: Although I have only used it for a day I am liking it. I have been using the Canon 50mm f1.8 II, but the 30mm makes it a lot easier to shoot portraits. I will stay away from my 50mm for a while. ^^



Smell me.

26 Jan

Got a new scent from Diesel.

PLUS PLUS Masculine.

Featuring the now popular “feat. TR!P” sticker and a funky star trooper. It’s raining perfume.

Wandering through Munich

7 Apr

I went to Munich on 2nd of April and had a wonderful time. Here are some pics from the trip.

Opening Ceremony X Red Cross JAPAN

5 Apr

One of the Coolest select shops? You guessed right Opening Ceremony! For me it’s one of the sites that I frequently navigate to. I had bought a charity shirt by OC to aid the American Red Cross’ earthquake & tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

It’s now our chance to become one and show our Strengths! We can overcome this. We can!

[Fun in Munich] Shopping

3 Apr

I will post my trip to Munich later, but first let me show you guys what I bought 😉

I’m planning to join a soccer team in the near future, so I got myself a soccer shoes and a ball (and two pairs of socks and a shinguards but that’s not worth mentioning…) in Karstadt Sports.

How awesome is that shoes?! I can’t wait to score with them :p

Then I went to Zara where I got a nice LIMITED EDITION cargo pants in army green. Something to wear in the spring when denims are too hot… I love it when it says limited. Whether if it’s really limited or not, I don’t care.

I also wanted to get a nice T-shirt from Zara, but they didn’t have any that I wanted to buy, so I went to H&M Man to see if they had a nice cheap Tee.

The moment I walked into H&M, I saw a mannequin wearing a jacket with a nice Tee under it. It was long with a wide opening round the neck. I grabbed a large size, tried it on, paid for it, and was out in under a minute 🙂

I also got a very aggressive haircut, so MAYBE I’ll post a pic later on…