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Autumn Coat

29 Sep


My search for a coat for this season has just begun.

I would like a long coat that will go well with a suit.

Seeing is believing.

1. Maison Martin Margiela

2,185 USD


2. Acne Elony navy

Acne Elony 146880

3. Acne Garret Dark Grey

700 USD

Acne Garret Dark 95040

4. Carven Wool Coat

890 USD

Carven wool 119880


[Flashback] Japan

20 Jan

Bits and pieces from my winter break in Japan.

Thanks to my amazing friends, I had an awesome time in Japan.

Decided to leave the clips ungraded to give it the low contrast look that I really like.
The super slomo part is done with Twixtor in AE, and I think it came out really well.

Music by Bon Iver.

Car Chunky Car

20 Jul

Chunky stopped by my house today with his car.

So we took some shots.

Lil Wayne @ MTV2 Unplugged session

24 Jun

I’m soooo loving the “live band” version of his songs, especially “I’m Single” @ 24:30!

TR!P blog post featrued on

24 Jun

Remember this blog post about my DIY flash grid?


Well, it was featured on a blog by my friend Andreu Husien. He also loves photography and runs a blog

He has some pretty cool stuff on his blog, including his wonderful pictures.


Here is the link to the blog post.

Thanks Andreu. Rock on.




24 Jun

Dinner at “Kuruma”

22 Jun

feat. bro and mom (making a face).

Charmy Chat / Shohei

8 May

Shohei’s house and his cafe Charmy Chat! This was a pre-party before Mayu’s home party!

Yukako’s Home Party

30 Apr

While I was in Karlsruhe, a graphic designer Yukako Sano was kind enough to invite me to a home party at her place.

With super yummy-licious food and wine, the night couldn’t have been better.

Most pics are more or less unedited.

Btw, three Canon DSLRs were present: My 60D, Yukako’s 7D, and Arpad’s 1D MK4, and an L lens.

Easter Grill

24 Apr

Since the weather was nice and everyone was back in Karlsruhe, it was a nice opportunity for the Karlsruher to get together and enjoy a nice day of grilling. With amazing Yakitori, steaks, beer, I think we all had a great time (except for the gigantic mosquitoes that sucked like a pornstar).