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Colette Carnaval

15 Mar

Colette Carnaval was absolutely the hottest place for fashion goers, children, teens, students, and adults to attend on the 10th and 11th of March 2012.

The event gathered a crowd of people with the newest and slickest brands of clothing. This event was held to celebrate Colette Shop’s 15th birthday! (

So what was going on inside the “Party tent?”

Well, Colette is a select shop and the brands that have their goods sold at the store, held a booth inside the Carnaval, organizing their own way to celebrate the 15th  birthday. The booths varied from arts and craft, bowling, video game contests, basketball shooting, photo shoots and etc. I was surprised to meet Mark the cobrasnake  (who gave me a pose with his special Colette sunglasses) and was lucky to spot Pedro Winter of Ed banger (faaaar away).

Here are pictures from the event.

Overall, Happy Birthday Colette and for people who are planning to go to Paris, stop by Colette! You will not Regret!

Au revoir!


[Flashback] Japan

20 Jan

Bits and pieces from my winter break in Japan.

Thanks to my amazing friends, I had an awesome time in Japan.

Decided to leave the clips ungraded to give it the low contrast look that I really like.
The super slomo part is done with Twixtor in AE, and I think it came out really well.

Music by Bon Iver.

Charmy Chat / Shohei

8 May

Shohei’s house and his cafe Charmy Chat! This was a pre-party before Mayu’s home party!

Yukako’s Home Party

30 Apr

While I was in Karlsruhe, a graphic designer Yukako Sano was kind enough to invite me to a home party at her place.

With super yummy-licious food and wine, the night couldn’t have been better.

Most pics are more or less unedited.

Btw, three Canon DSLRs were present: My 60D, Yukako’s 7D, and Arpad’s 1D MK4, and an L lens.


9 Apr




Yesterday, a colleague of mine invited me to a Starkbierfest. It has something to do with fasting and stuff, but I forgot what it was. The beer as an alcohol percentage of around 8%. It didn’t taste especially strong, but I felt tipsy after a Mass (1 liter).

A beer was around 7 euros, and the food was equally expensive, but that was to be expected. All in all, it was fun!

Btw, the pretzel was the size of my face, and it came with maybe a kilo of cheese!

SV Kumhausen

4 Apr

SV Kumhausen is the name of the soccer team I am planning to join, and I went to see their first match of the second half of the season.

While I was waiting for my boss to pick me up, a couple on a rollerblade date passed skated past me. It always makes me smile when I see a couple holding hands while skating :p

As for the match, SVK lost 1-4. I hope I can be their Kagawa or Miyaichi!

I dunno if you can tell from the pics, but the scenery around the field was just amazing…

After I got home, I went to a small field near my house to break in my new shoes.

Can’t wait to shine in the new team! :p


7 Mar


Today, there was a Faschingsumzug, which is basically a carnival parade, kinda like mardi gras in the States.

Since I had nothing to do and wanted to try my new Monitor X outdoor, I decided to go check it out.

Monitor X was great in the shades, but as soon as I got out of the shadow, the reflection got extremely annoying. At one point, I couldn’t see what was on the LCD…It might be because I didn’t use the sunshade that came with it. I’ll try it with the sunshade next time.

Animation Night in Kyoto

7 Mar


Well its one of the times that I am just going to continue typing for this post, well that is what blogs are for right? I mean they are web logs so…ya… Well I will post about my experience yesterday and what I learned. This post may be long may be short, I hope it will make it to the blog without the network cutting me off ugh…

Yesterday, Eiken may already know but I had one of the most interesting jobs in my life. I was allowed the chance to translate presentations made by three Animators. Ya not only one, not only two, but THREE Animators! How lucky was I? Well, the animators were Chen Xi, Christophe Gautry, and Joseph Pierce. All of them were really generous and kind. There were more people that attended this event, maybe I should mention them,  from what I remember, a man from the Agency of Cultural Affairs, two professors from Kyoto Seika University, one artist that graduated the University ( who was the translator for Chen Xi) and the crowd (mostly students studying at Kyoto Seika Uni, I guess.) Oh, and how can I forget, three workers from the Japan Image Council. I have learned a lot through out the night by talking to the professors and others but I will focus on writing about the artists. Some of you may have already guessed but I was the translator for Christophe Gautry and Joseph Pierce. During the event the animators each presented one of their animations and a part of the animation project they are working on now in Tokyo.

Christophe Gautry is now working on an animation in Tokyo using a technique called pixilation. This is a technique by using still images as frames to create movement in an animation. He presented the “The Lunatic council” as his previous work. In “The Lunatic council” he stated that he used puppets and a greenscreen. He stated that this method is unique however, it involves precise thinking and storyboards for each cut. Therefore he had argued that it is sometimes difficult and that the creativity part of the animation is mostly in the beginning step of the production (making the storyboard and etc.) So, he has planned to shoot pixilation in Tokyo in which he can think and improvise his shoots based on the scenery and lighting and etc.

I was able to talk with Christophe Gautry about how he shoots his footage. He stated that Japan is a really safe place to shoot. He could leave his camera at place and go to another place come back and the camera will still be in place. He said the same method cannot be taken in France.

Joseph Pierce is now working on an animation which uses a form called Rotoscoping. I really enjoyed his style of Rotoscoping. He films live footage and takes out each frame, draws over it and scans the illustration back into the computer to use it as frames. He told me that he shoots at 25fps and the cuts every other frame and creates the animation in 12fps. Although it seems like he halves the number of frames, the animation Joseph presented “A Family Portrait” consists about 2500 frames.

The project he is working on now is another rotoscope animation called the “Pub”. This animation takes place in a Pub in London. He stated that it seems awkward to be working on a pub in London in Tokyo. He commented that this animation will be harder since it is longer in length meaning there are more frames to draw. He said that luckily he is now using a tablet to illustrate.

I have learned a lot about animation compared to what I have known before the three hour event. I will definitely keep an eye out for the three animators. I guess in my future filming or photography, I have to get into my world or so. It was obvious how each animators felt about there productions. For instance Christophe Gautry’s shoot in Tokyo included shots that I do not have the courage to do. If you happen to find his production on line, you can see that he is lying down in flee markets and also lying down in trains (which I later found out that it was the Yamanote line). He told me that he puts up signs when shooting in public places where the camera cannot be spotted because some people have worried whether he was hurt and laying down.

Anyway I was very lucky to have this opportunity, so I will like to thank the people at JAPIC and my professor that has an office besides my research room. Well that was a lot of tying, oh ya and I was able to have one of the illustrated frame that Joseph Pierce has used in “A Family Portrait.” I will definitely frame and put it up on my wall.


Bob Sinclar- Gym Tonic Music Video Remake

7 Feb

I have made a video with some of the people I work with on Sat.

The shooting was 40min, and the editing was 2 hours…

We had a blast dancing, even though it was Wicked cold.

I will like to thank the crew, Isaac, Ryan, Miki, Shingo, Maya, and Mi-Ko.

The lighting was done by Shingo’s car…

I still have some footage I haven’t used so I may make an extended ver.

I may….

If it makes you smile… our job has been fulfilled.


A Day Out

7 Jan

Yesterday, my brother went to a hair salon run by a Japanese, and I decided to check it out with him. The salon was amazingly stylish. I will make another post with detailed pics and explanations. Before we went there, we had dinner at an Italian place, AGAIN.
I decided to test the video function on my 60D, and made a short movie. Besides a teeny bit of color grading, nothing is done to the footages.

Password: ADayOut