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29 Jan

Some years ago, I received a Parker Sonnet fountain pen as a Christmas present. I haven’t really used it because (a) I was scared of using such an expensive pen and (b) didn’t have any ink.

Today, I realized what a waste it was to leave such a nice pen unused, and decided to go out and get a bottle of ink.

Btw, the gold part (the nib and the clip) is plated with 24K gold. How awesome is that.

Let’s hope I don’t lose it….




29 Jan

Here’s my red large weekly planner for 2012 and a black XLarge plain sketchbook.

Simple and stylish, the way I love it.

Facebook cards by MOO

29 Jan

For a limited time only, MOO allowed facebook users to make their own “facebook cards” for free (the most important part).

They take your cover photos and also allow you to put in your favorite quote or whatever you want on the back.

I ordered mine a few weeks ago, and they recently arrived.

I took a line from the “HOLSTEE Manifesto”.


Smoke that sh*t.

29 Jan

That’s right, I “smoked” my window,  cuz I got so many fans peeping in.

Smell me.

26 Jan

Got a new scent from Diesel.

PLUS PLUS Masculine.

Featuring the now popular “feat. TR!P” sticker and a funky star trooper. It’s raining perfume.

Light of the Fireflies

23 Jan

My grandpa took out his harmonica on New Years Eve.

He gave my family and I a mini concert.
Here is the rough edit^^ of “Hotaru no Hikari”
Shot on Canon 7D, 50mm f1.8 lens


22 Jan

Here is a warm chill.

New watch

22 Jan

I recently got the Nixon 51-30 Chrono Gunship, which is a limited color (according to the shop I bought it from).

It looks amaaaazingly good! It’s big, heavy, nicely designed, and the color (with the red hands) is simply wonderful.

I love this 51-30 series so much, I might even start collecting them 😀


20 Jan

Too bad I can only upload one HD video per week on Vimeo…

In my previous video “Flashback”, I put a portion of a timelapse I shot. For those of you who are interested in seeing the entire thing, here it is 😀

During my stay in Japan, there was one evening where it was super windy and cloudy, and I thought it would be interesting to shoot a short timelapse to capture the movement of the clouds.

I had initially planned on shooting till the sunrise, but the battery died on me…

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Music by Daft Punk.

[Flashback] Japan

20 Jan

Bits and pieces from my winter break in Japan.

Thanks to my amazing friends, I had an awesome time in Japan.

Decided to leave the clips ungraded to give it the low contrast look that I really like.
The super slomo part is done with Twixtor in AE, and I think it came out really well.

Music by Bon Iver.