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A night in Mainz

20 May

I stayed in Mainz for two nights recently for a seminar, and I went out one night with my camera for about 30 mins to take some pics.

I know you can’t really tell from the pics, but the moon was super close to the horizon and super big…If you have a DSLR, try taking a picture of the moon a 50mm and compare it with my pic 😉


Night Photography

9 May

Steffen (my language course partner) and I decided to go out on a Saturday evening to capture Landshut during the “Golden hour”. The sky was a bit too clear and lacked clouds which make pictures a bit more interesting…

Nevertheless, I think I got a few good shots. We also went to take some pictures of the ferris wheel at a beer fest taking place in our town right now. The shots didn’t turn out as good as I thought it would, but I think they ended up looking OK.

We also went up to the small castle on top of a hill, and I took some random shots of the castle overlooking Landshut without thinking too much about the framing and composition.

Charmy Chat / Shohei

8 May

Shohei’s house and his cafe Charmy Chat! This was a pre-party before Mayu’s home party!

Midnight Photography

7 May

On my way back from football practice,  I cycle through a farmland, where there are almost no “light pollution” besides occasional cars passing by.  Since I got my new tripod today, I decided to bring my camera to practice and shoot some pics on my way home.

There were more cars than I expected, and they were polluting the scene with too much light, so I occasionally covered up the camera with a black t-shirt during 2-3 minute exposure.

I think that using an external flash to illuminate the tree on the left would have produced a better picture. I should try that next time.

It was a bit too cloudy and covered up the otherwise super shiny stars…Oh well, like I said, maybe next time.

[DIY] Flash Grid

5 May

I’ve always wanted to make a DIY grid, but not with a cardboard cuz it will get easily crushed and feels a bit cheepo…

Few days ago, I got delivered some parts for one of my projects, and it came sandwiched between two pieces of rigid corrugated translucent plastic sheets. They felt soft enough to cut, but hard enough to withstand sufficient amount of force.

I took the sheets home and made a grid. It was actually kinda tough to cut with an ordinary cutter knife, but I got it in the end.

Here are some pics of the grid and test shots I took with the flash mounted on my 60D. One WITH and the other WITHOUT.

Amazing effect. Pleasant falloff.