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Yukako’s Home Party

30 Apr

While I was in Karlsruhe, a graphic designer Yukako Sano was kind enough to invite me to a home party at her place.

With super yummy-licious food and wine, the night couldn’t have been better.

Most pics are more or less unedited.

Btw, three Canon DSLRs were present: My 60D, Yukako’s 7D, and Arpad’s 1D MK4, and an L lens.


[Street Photography] Schlossgarten

30 Apr

Easter Grill

24 Apr

Since the weather was nice and everyone was back in Karlsruhe, it was a nice opportunity for the Karlsruher to get together and enjoy a nice day of grilling. With amazing Yakitori, steaks, beer, I think we all had a great time (except for the gigantic mosquitoes that sucked like a pornstar).

[Street Photography] Karlsruhe

24 Apr

Karlsruhe is a very beautiful city. Beautiful architectures and energetic people.

I was back in Karlsruhe for the Eeaster, and went on a photo walk on a nice sunny day with Keita, my fellow DSLRer.

Timelapse trial

23 Apr

Karlsruhe is a very beautiful city. In the middle of the city is a place called Marktplatz.

I was a bit bored on a Friday night, so I decided to go out and try a 10 second timelapse for the first time.

The platform I was standing on was very shaky, and shook every time a tram passed. You can kinda tell from the timelapse.

The pictures were taken with 3 seconds exposure and 1 second interval. Edited in Lightroom and Vegas Pro.

You love to hate it.

10 Apr

That seems to be the trend with HDRs.

I think when it’s used correctly, it can produce amazing pictures.

This picture is a result of me playing around with some settings on Photomatix pro.


9 Apr




Yesterday, a colleague of mine invited me to a Starkbierfest. It has something to do with fasting and stuff, but I forgot what it was. The beer as an alcohol percentage of around 8%. It didn’t taste especially strong, but I felt tipsy after a Mass (1 liter).

A beer was around 7 euros, and the food was equally expensive, but that was to be expected. All in all, it was fun!

Btw, the pretzel was the size of my face, and it came with maybe a kilo of cheese!

Flea market in Osaka a few years back.

8 Apr

I found some pictures of the flea market. This guy here is my friend who gave me the Levi’s denim. He found the shirt he is wearing in this picture in a river at Yosemite National Park. We assume that the original color of the shirt was brown.

The flea market was held at the Osaka Expo.

My job was to sell clothes and shoes that my mother wanted to get rid of. The colorful shoe below belonged to my mother.

Here is the girl that bought them!

She has a lot of stuff on her, but everything is well coordinated. She has the hiking look that is popular in Japan.

Flea markets are a great place to take street snaps of people and their fashion.


Levi’s remade for Summer!

7 Apr

Couple of years ago, I participated in a flea market in Osaka. One of my friends gave me his Levi’s denim.Really damaged denim. Here is a pic of the front/back.

As you can see, this denim is very damaged.

The knee part of the denim is torn apart and if you look closely, safety pins are used to keep the denim in shape.

To be honest, I haven’t worn this. Sorry Hosomi. This denim itself is in a unique color and some parts have damages that can be made by hand. So…. I decided to remodel this denim into a pair of shorts.

I have cut the denim where the rip was around the knee.

Then I folded the end of the denim.

Simple remodel.

Weihenstephan Brewery

7 Apr

On March 10th, I visited the world’s oldest operating brewery, which is in Freising, Germany.

A friend of my colleague works as a manager of the R&D department, and he gave us a private tour of the R&D part of the brewery.

Having heard that it was the oldest brewery, I expected to see an old brick building with old tanks and stuff, but instead saw rows of high-tech machinery.

I had a great time nonetheless. I got to climb into a beer tank too. How many people get to do that? :p