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24 Feb

Gucci took a pic of the moon with his 300mm lens.

He sent the RAW file to me, so I played around with contrast and stuff.

I think it looks a bit better than the original (left).




23 Feb

This is the kind of video you end up making when you are really bored but still want to shoot something in the middle of the night.

[Day One] February 22nd

23 Feb

A day has passed since I moved the mini sunflowers in an attempt to rescue it.

One of them will most definately die…Another one will probably pass away tomorrow….

The other two might survive…..who knows.

I’ll keep updating the blog everyday.

Pray for me, pray for the flowers.

[Mission] Saving Private “Mini Sunflower”

23 Feb

When I went to register for a health insurance a few weeks back, they gave me a small wooden box with a ball of dry “soil ball” and 4 mini sunflower seeds, which expanded when I watered it. It grew extremely fast (about 5 cm in a week).

Thinking the small box would be too small for 4 of them, I decided to put them in a DIY bottle planter. I took some soil from my small garden. I think the soil wasn’t “delicious”….After a week, they started to turn brown and get all wrinkled up and….I’m gonna cry…

But I’ve never been the one to give up.  On February 21st, I hurried to a home depot after work and bought 2 pots and a bag of “delicious” soil in attempt to rescue the baby sunflowers.

Some of them look really bad….I hope they survive…..

Reform log 1

19 Feb

Recently I am into interior designing and thinking about my dream house. I frequently find myself flipping through magazines, books, websites, and blogs arranging furnitures and art works in my head. Arranging furniture in my head is really really fun to do, and time flies by really quick! Do I want a modern simple room? Do I want a room with wooden walls a fireplace and a gigantic horn hanging off the wall? Or do I want a unorganized room with books and magazine cut outs lying around everywhere in which I only know where such things are. These are some of the things I think of recently, but the only problem is money and space. Well, the money is actually needed to buy space, so the biggest problem is space. If you have space, the materials that will go into the space will probably come along in some form.

The reason why I am writing this post?

Well,,, its because I finally found a room.

The room itself was just there at the tip of my nose, but never took action on it. Today, I made my first step. The room is located in my grandparent’s house in Gojo. Gojo-city is  a town in the countryside of Nara. And there in Gojo, is a house in which my grandparents, and above the living room is the room that my uncle and I will spend time making our own LIVING ROOM.

My grandparents had been running a hardware store for years, and the room we will reform was once a storage room where some of the merchandise were stocked. Last year, I think it was the summer, when they reformed the storage room into a room with bookshelves. Ok, enough of the talking, I will post some pics of the room and some unique things we found today!

So here are the book shelves, we have three rows. So…three rows of the bookshelves shown in the picture below. We are still on the first row. (Comics, books, magazines, and some programing books that I don’t understand at all.)

On the top of the bookshelf there are wooden pieces stabilizing the book racks. Like below.

We are planning to clip some lights on the wooden piece and light up the bookshelves.

The shelves shown below are lined up parallel to the bookshelves. There are still junk on them. We will eventually move them.

This is the desk that is against one of the walls. My uncle dislikes the chairs so we will probably replace the green ones.

We put shelves beside the desks.

Still thinking about how to use these black boards. What I really want to do, is put on some kind of simple artwork (painted or spraypainted) and hang it on one of the walls. Until then I have it between the desk and the shelves. If you have suggestions about the use or the design let me know!

Here are the green and black shelves. Looks kinda retro eh?

Still deciding about the broken guitar. Should I hang it on the wall as it is? I am thinking about spray painting it matte black.

What do you think?

Some poster boards I found lying around. lol Do not now whether they will be used or not but for now I have it lying against one of the walls. But if I am to put up posters, I will definitely get frames.

With out the old poster this section of the room looks like this. My uncle is going to make a screen and bring in his projector to show movies. Also he said he will donate his sofa bed. I can really live here when its done. Picture below will be the theater.

Here is something I think is cool. It is a Dress form. It’s my grandmas and it will definitely be a great object to keep around.

This is an old ladder. If you look closely, you can see different colors of paint on it. Hmm… in can be used as a ladder and the old look is kinda cool!

Some old boom boxes and a game pad. It plays CDs so why not keep it around? I will have to wipe to dust off first!

The joystick game pad….lets see what my uncle can do with this. I asked him if he can make that into a light switch. He said its possible…lets see…

Yellow clock from my uncles room. hmm…. we need a clock so yes… we will keep it… need batteries.

Surfing poster found in my uncle’s old room. Lets see how our room turns out first. We need frames if we are going to use this poster.

So that’s all we got through today.a lot more to go. I will try to upload any changes made towards this room.


Some friends at the beach!

17 Feb

Here is part 2 of my trip to the North of Kyoto. The pictures below are of some friends that were wanting to get some recognition. So I invited them to be in the target of my photos and they accepted. Some belongs to the beach and some…not at all.

Here is a picture of my girlfriend’s Nikon  D5000 sitting comfortably on a log. (you can see the waste and garbage in the background)

I don’t know

This is a bottle of, I think dishwasher liquid. I believe its in Korean, I hope it didn’t travel from Korea…

Here is my favorite,  I call it “Retired TV Set, living life at the beach, how he saw it on the discovery channel”

Here is a picture of me, walking the TV set.

Me talking about how TV in Japan has become digital and that analog will no longer be useful after July of 2011.

Me pulling the TV set that disliked my comment and refused to walk further with me.

Me convincing the TV set that television changed the world, and about how the Video killed the Radio Star.

Me and the TV set settling for the sunset.

Really really really cold day at the Beach

17 Feb

Went on a two day trip with my girlfriend to the North side of Kyoto. We were worried about our trip since a snow storm hit Japan. But, luckily the unpredictable weather, turned out well. We took a JR train from Kyoto station up up up towards Tango, and Amanohashidate (although we did not get off there). We didn’t have that much money to spare so it took us until the last minute to decide to take the Express train (thank god we did). The beach was about a 30 second walk from the place we were staying. The hotel or Ryokan, smelled really funky. The smell was actually crabs and some other sea foods. I remember walking on the sand and trying to not get in the way of the wind..(my way of shifting the sense of coldness to something else, the wind wants to pass by so just let it be and let it go by, I feel cold because I think its cold, just dont bother the wind…*kept repeating). Obviously it didn’t work and it was really really really…. cold…. freezing… cold…. Had a flash back of Hawaii for an instance visualizing Waikiki beach… You can say that it was the complete opposite, well the noise of the waves crashing and the smell of the salt was not really bad but the garbage on the beach was horrible, I would not walk on the sad barefooted. Anyway I had two of my lenses with me the Sigma and my 50mm Prime Canon, so I played around with it.Most of the time I was using the 50mm f1.8.

A normal white, average, lonely, smooth stone.

I tried to capture the sun shining between the clouds, you had to be there to see the show live.

There was a guy surfing, in Feb!

Or he was heading for the light to …I dunno

A different White Balance


Beautiful Combo

15 Feb

Beautiful video, amazing pictures. What more can one ask for?

The photographer is Melody Davis.

Valentines day

14 Feb

Today, for a Valentines Day gift, I received one Diesel Boxer Pants and 3 Photography Books.

The books are Last Nights Party, PHOTO:BOX, and KAWS.

Here are the pics for the books I took with the Canon 50mm f1.8 lens.

Canon 50mm f1.8

14 Feb

I took a trip to Kyoto to buy the Canon 50mm f1.8 lens.

The lens is really really light.

However the body is made out of plastic and feels cheap. I put the lens onto my camera at a restaurant that serves dumplings.