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Breakbot at World

15 Nov

Next hot Party in Kyoto will be at WORLD5.

A member of Ed Banger, will be there!




15 Nov

Thinking of getting the 7D but do not know which lens will suit me the most.
May want a wide lens, that catches light.
but, I want one that can be used in all conditions.

Eiken suggests to get the body and the lens separate.

The cheapest 7D body is 103800 yen found on kakaku.
and I think the best set is EOS 7D EF-S15-85 IS U set
that is 153150 yen.
Eiken… offer me a camera set^^!

Best that is under 150000yen  if possible

Doooooods, I got hired in….

10 Nov


I think it’s just for the training and I will be moved to either Japan or Singapore, but still….
It’s both good and bad…

The working environment in Germany is great, but most of all, I miss you guys…

Random gibberish

8 Nov

Hey mac users, do u know a freeware called VirtualBox? It allows u to run other OS (windows, linux) “virtually” on ur mac. My bro installed Windows 7 on his MacBook Pro so that he could use some softwares not compatible with mac.

It says XP, but we installed 7 later :p

Btw, after using my bro’s mac, I am now sure that I will stay away from the dark side of evil apples. Just too used to the bright windows that opens up to so many possibilities.

Let’s change the subject here. My good friend got a really really red Nike sneaker in Japan, and they looked really good. But instead of buying a new pair, I’ve decided to dye my good old white Adidas with 染めQ.

Gucci, film me with ur 7D when I do this!

[Goldfish] Get Busy Living

3 Nov

Funky vid, funky tune.

Berlin life

3 Nov

I’ve taken a lot of pictures and videos in Berlin, but since I didn’t bring my external monitor with me, I am not able to edit them…therefore cannot post them here….

Life in Berlin has been alright so far. My bro has a room on the 3rd floor of an old apartment, and lives with an old couple who owns the floor. The room is freakin huge…but the floor creaks like mad and there is a hole in the toilet door for their cats, and that makes it reeeeaaaally uncomfortable when you poop…


So far, all I’ve done is roam around the city of Berlin and go to weird jazz clubs and see the Brandenburger Tor. I will try to upload unedited pics later to give you guys an idea of my life in Berlin.