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[HURTS] Wonderful Life

31 Oct

This song is catchy, but the video is even more catchy. Loving the quirky-to-the-max dance moves of the women in black  and the mid-aged chic-as-hell man.


Final Interview

27 Oct

Yesterday, I went to SCHOTT AG in Mainz for a final interview regarding my employment.

On the train, I sat next to a woman who had a really cute dog. I dunno why, but the dog really like me and kept bumping into my leg and licking my cast…he also tried to smell up my jeans and started pawing at my leg…

Once I got there, I put on a tie and just winged it. I think the interview went well. They said they will let me know quite soon.

Btw, I’ve been making Spaghetti Bolognese with Parmigiano reggiano for the past 2 weeks, and that’s all I’ve eaten…Awesome diet huh.

Bachelor Thesis by Steezy

26 Oct

As promised, I will share my bachelor thesis with you.

“Simulation and Characterization of Micro-optics for Fiber Coupling”.

It’s pretty long and will not be of interest to many of you, so just take a quick peak when you feel like it.



24 Oct

My brother’s friend is getting married soon, and my brother asked me to make a congratulations video with some random guys in it, and make it funny.
Thanks to the help from some friends, it turned out quite entertaining.
Take a look.


FRANCE Made Me Feel Better from WORK

23 Oct

Well today I will like to present a band from France that has lyrics and tempo that sticks to your head.

The group is called Pheonix.

Their recent album is Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

One of there popular song  is Lisztomania.

Lisztomania is a pretty catchy song and really sticks to your head.

Another song is If I Ever Feel Better.

If I Ever Feel Better is upbeat. This song reminds me of Jason Mraz.

Anyway, talking about French groups, what pops into my head, maybe only in my head is, Daft Punk. I have put up some posts about them based on their upcoming album for the movie TRON.

Here is one of the songs that is well known, and was also used by Kanye West’s Stronger.

Daft Punk- Harder, Better, Faster Stronger.

I have a question, what is Phoenix+Daft Punk?

The ANSWER will make you feel better.



23 Oct

Forget what I said about wanting the HP Pavilion dv6.

HP ENVY is wassup!!
Sleek minimal design like a MAC, which is the only thing I like about them.
Just a beautiful piece of laptop…

New watermark

22 Oct

I made a simple watermark that I will be putting on my pictures. I saw a video somewhere where there was the editor’s name as the watermark, and it was simple and stylish. I’m not sure about the font yet, but this one doesn’t look too bad imo.

Here is one of my favorite pics I took with the watermark.


[Music] Lil Wayne

22 Oct

I watched a documentary called Lil Wayne – The Carter Documentary. It was pretty intense…I won’t go into details cuz I don’t wanna spoil it for u guys and I’m also not feeling like writing about it :-p

Here are two of my favorite songs by/featuring Lil Wayne.

Mrs. Officer

Maybach Music 2

[People] Arpad Ikuma Csizmazia

22 Oct

I have a friend who is a professional photographer named Arpad Ikuma Csizmazia. He is the man behind the lens for all my skating pictures.
He is currently in Japan taking pictures and meeting people.
He posted some pictures from the trip so far, and I wanna share some of them.

Here is his Flickr and his website.


Wish list [PC+]

22 Oct

Here is a list of the basic things I want, in terms of PC and accessories.

Lemme tell you the state my 4 years old DELL Inspiron is in.
The screen is dead. Blank. Nada.
CD\DVD drive? Won’t write, won’t read but makes weird noises…
SD card slot won’t read…
Only around 1Gb left on Hard drive, not because of files, but because of couple of installed programs…and it’s not like I have a lot installed.

I’ve been looking into some laptops (not a desktop cuz I wanna be able to carry my pc around), and I’ve found the one I want.
First, Mac wasn’t even considered. I’m sure they are cool, but it’s just not for me…If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
No more DELL for me. I’ve learned painfully through my cheap-ass Inspiron, that you get what you pay for.
I also considered Sony, but Vaio is kinda pricy, and I don’t really have a lotta faith in them.

After looking at some laptops, I’ve decided to try HP. I’m still on the fence about the size (15 or 17 inch), but prolly go with 15 inch due to portability. The model I want is Pavillion dv6.
The keyboard looks sweet, the screen looks immaculate, and the pricing is reasonable. The only neck is that the screen is not FullHD, where Vaio is…But look how clean it is!

In the video below, this guy shows the dv6 from 05:22. You can see the close-up of the keyboard from 0:25. But if you listen to the whole video, you can see that HP really thinks about the usability.

As I mentioned, I am thinking about getting the 15 inch version. But when I’m at home, I don’t wanna be staring at the small screen, and I also want FullHD quality, especially with my hobby being photo and video editing. That’s why I am also thinking about getting an external monitor, around 24 inch. I don’t know a lot about monitors, but after looking around, BenQ seemed nice.
Great design, great specs and resolution. Just check out the characteristics of VW2420H. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Clean and sleek. Love it.

Before I write about the last item, let me tell you what happened just now. My computer screen (the external one, since the laptop one is broken) suddenly turned blue with a message saying that my pc crashed or something and contact the administrator BS. Second time this month…I’m wanting the HP more now…Good thing I saved this draft too!

Like I said, my interest is editing photos and videos. And using the normal mouse can only get you so far, especially when editing photos.
That’s why the last (but certainly not least) item on my list is the Wacom Babmoo Fun.

Just check out this video below and you will want one yourself. It’s kinda like a gigantic track pad.

That was a list of basic things I want. Stay tuned for next time when I talk about my wish list for cameras!